Utility Locating

At Metiri, our expert team utilises cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to precisely detect and map vital assets beneath the ground, mitigating the risk for your project. We possess the capability to precisely survey underground utilities using GPS and total stations, enabling us to generate detailed Autocad Civil 3D drawings.

Electromagnetic Locating:

Metiri employs electromagnetic tools and high-frequency induction devices, in conjunction with complementary technologies, to effectively detect, pinpoint, and label subterranean utilities. These encompass metallic water mains, as well as electrical and communication infrastructure concealed below the surface.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR):

Metiri uses Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) – a geophysical and non-invasive surveying technique that employs radar pulses to create images of the underlying layers, facilitating the examination of anomalies beneath the surface. Its primary application lies within Utility Investigation, where it proves invaluable for discerning non-conductive elements like Poly or Nylon gas lines, robust water mains composed of brute and uPVC materials, vacant conduits, as well as drainage infrastructure.

Our team of locators can detect and locate:

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